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About us

About us

This is where you get to know about us – the five photographers who currently make up the LDNtwentyfour7 photography collective.

R is for Roland: Roland Ramanan is a musician and teacher with a passion for photography. Roland started out with the tricky art of conjuring the beautiful from the mundane in public places (sometimes known as street photography) and has since then been working on a long term documentary project based around Gillett Square in Dalston, London. You can see his work at

His ultimate beigel filling: Quote, unquote “carrot cake”.

C is for Craig: Craig Stevenson grew up in Glasgow. Since qualifying as a lawyer and moving to London in 2007, he has developed his photography portfolio; focussing on social and documentary work. As an active member of the Shoreditch group of London independent Photography, he has curated exhibitions and showcased his work in both Glasgow and London. His most recent work featured his Scottish Landscapes series and was exhibited as part of the Exhibition Collective’s annual project in London’s east end.

LDNtwentyfour7 Beigel Bake is Craig’s sixth exhibition for Photomonth. P.s. the Beigel Bake project is his brain child. You can see his work on Instagram at @craigrstevenson.

His ultimate beigel filling: He might try to tell you otherwise but it’s definitely meat.

E is for Emma: Emma Marshall is a London-based photographer. As well as accosting innocent bagel eaters at all hours, she has been making a portrait a day since January 2015. She is often seen tootling around East London in a cycle helmet that looks like a riding hat. You can see her work at and on Instagram at @emmaemarshall.

Her ultimate beigel filling: Decisions, decisions, decisions

K is for Kathryn: Kathryn Geels grew up in the balmy city of Brisbane, Australia, but has called London home for 14 years and has an absolute love for the city. By day she works in digital media and journalism, and by weekend she unleashes her creativity through a variety of hats. She’s a photographer with an interest in conceptual art and documentary photography (which in 2011 saw her take up post in India with Raleigh International), and a committee member for London Independent Photography.

She dabbles in writing, having written a destination guide for London among other pieces, and also hosts local travel experiences in London. You can see her work at

Her ultimate beigel filling: Is there such a thing as wagyu salt beef? With Champagne on the side.

J is for Jonathan: Jonathan Goldberg is a documentary and portrait photographer. Prior to the Beigel Bake project he made a short film about fruit harvesting called Shaking the Tree, which won best video at Environmental Photographer of the Year. His personal work often addresses themes around sustainable living.

The beigel project has enabled him to use a newly purchased Hasselblad for the first time – an object of rare beauty that makes everything appear upside down and back to front, and significantly square.

After this project, Jonathan, a vegetarian, plans to start a campaign for Beigel Bake to start selling a new filling: humous with roasted vegetables. You can see his work at

His ultimate beigel filling: Hint – look above.


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