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  • Irene Geels

    I love the one with the taxi in the rain

  • Hi There Saw you were doing a show about people and the bagel bake at the top of Brick lane.
    There is a great film about it that some friends made back in the day when the Bagel shop was the only place with lights on past 5 pm .
    Before the Shoreditch boom its very uplifting film and in a way shows that nothing about food and people changes.

    • Ldntwentyfour7

      Hi Josh
      This is brilliant! Thanks so much for sharing. Incredible how over the years, so much is still the same. The customers’ observations of the characters that go there, the cooking methods, the shop’s decor. Two things that have changed – people’s favourite fillings (from smoked salmon and cream cheese to now salt beef) and the observation about the great, friendly customer service :o)

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